Friday, 16 September 2011

Building a Sustainable Recovery

Each year in September the President gives a Presidential Address (click here to download Presidential Address) on an issue or issues of national engineering importance.

I gave my Address on Wednesday night on the theme Building a Sustainable Recovery. I was pleasantly surprised at the large representative crowd who came to hear what I had to say.

I focused on our Education system, which in turn fosters our Economic and Spatial Planning approach. This in turn creates the conditions for Innovation and Enterprise, which will lead to Sustainable Recovery and Job Creation - our central theme. I will let the presentation speak for itself. (Click here to download webcast)

Roadmap for Recovery

My views on the Maths issue were taken up by the media who, like ourselves, are greatly exercised with this issue in our Second Level Schools, particularly the issue of unqualified Maths teachers. As a result I was interviewed on Morning Ireland the following morning on this issue. (Click here to listen to Morning Ireland webcast)

Since the Address and the interview I'm very grateful for the kind comments of many members who attended on Wednesday night or have since heard the Morning Ireland interview.

Both are available on webcast on the Engineers Ireland website  and on RTE website  respectively. I'm also very grateful for the very professional support of John Power our Director General and Fionnuala Kilbane our Communications Director.

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