Friday, 28 October 2011

Will You Come With Me

Today and tonight the new Engineers Ireland radio and TV advertising campaign for Chartered Engineer goes live. This will coincide with the result of the Presidential election when target audiences are high especially this evening around 9 o’clock.

To the lyrics of ‘Will You Come With Me’ we invite Second Level students to consider engineering as a career and we invite existing graduate Engineers to become Chartered Engineers. The title of Chartered Engineer or CEng is only possible to achieve in Ireland through Engineers Ireland.

Chartered Engineer is only awarded following a Third Level engineering degree followed by a period (minimum 2 years) of Technical Training and a further period (minimum 2 years) of professional experience. Typically therefore new Chartered Engineers are in the age group 26 – 35.
Claire Lillis
Mechanical Design Engineer
Nick Gray
Senior Software engineer
The radio advert is 30 seconds long and the TV advert is 60 seconds. The messaging has to be more direct on radio to get the impact across while the visual imaging on TV carries its own powerful message. The TV advert involves the work of 10 existing Engineers (5 male and 5 female) operating in 10 diverse branches of engineering if Ireland.

The new advert shows that engineering is an exciting career – building bridges, turning the ocean waves into energy, developing new water supplies and giving life to people in our hospitals through biomedical engineering. Engineering also makes the work of defence forces more effective technically and creates jobs to new software development e.g. in gaming and entertainment.

Hope you enjoy the advert and all comments welcome. Link here to the advert.

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