Friday, 20 January 2012

Engineers Ireland Annual Ball 2012

Some 600 people attended the Annual Engineers Ball in the Burlington Hotel last Friday night. It was a real celebration of the importance of the industry to the Irish Economy in terms of domestic employment and export of engineering services overseas.

Annual Engineers Ireland Ball Burlington Hotel 13th January 2012

In my short address of welcome (see speech below) I spoke of the challenges to the Irish Economy. I committed Engineers Ireland to help recreate 'an efficient dynamic better regulated economy. We know that as a country we have to change the way we do things. The Irish Engineering profession is both able and willing to change and develop, indeed to help engineer that change and to assist our national recovery in whatever way we can'.

I noted the recent statement from IDA Ireland that 47% of new foreign direct investment (FDI) jobs in 2011 require engineering and science skills including computing.

Professor Padraic O’Donoghue Chairman West Region, PJ Rudden President, John Power Director General

I urged support from our members and companies for two important events in 2012 - Engineers Week 2012 (Feb 27th to Mar 4th) and our Annual Conference in Belfast (April 26th/27th).

The theme of this year's Engineers Week is 'Connecting our Lives' where engineers will visit second level schools to show the importance of Maths and Science to Engineering.

The theme of the Annual Conference is 'Engineering Enterprise in Times of Change' which will coincide with the Titanic Centenary celebrations in April 2012 in Belfast.

Dermot Dungan Chairman Electrical & Electronic Division, Deirdre Jordan,
Marie Dungan, John Jordan Chairman Midland Region
Companies who were present at the Annual Engineers Ball included CRH, ESB, Bord Gais, Shell, Sisk, Mercury, Irishenco, Roadbridge, Murphy, Irish Cement,  Shannon LNG, Amey, Cold Chon, Colfix, Ecocem, Hegarty, Roadstone Wood, Farrans, Celtic Anglian, Wills, Arup, Roughan & O'Donovan, O'Connor Sutton Cronin, Fitzsimons Doyle, Daire Byrne, Malone O'Regan, Clifton Scannell Emerson, Quigg Golden and RPS.

The organisation, decor, food and music at the Annual Ball this year was the best ever. Great credit is due to Shirley McDonald, Debbie O'Sullivan and Rosanne O'Leary of the Engineers Ireland staff for their organisational skills and of course to Domhnall Blair a member of our Council and Executive for his ever skilful Master of Ceremonies role.


Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my honour as President of Engineers Ireland to welcome you all and in particular Engineers Irelands guests to this year's Ball.

We have just finished one challenging year as a profession. In 2012 we face new challenges as the Irish economy struggles to recover from a Euro Crisis and other recession difficulties. We know that as a country we have to change the way we do things.

The Irish Engineering profession is both able and willing to change and develop, indeed to help engineer that change and to assist our national recovery in whatever way we can. We again commit ourselves to help create an efficient dynamic and better regulated economy. We will continue to promote the brand of Chartered Engineer greatly helped I can say by the much praised TV and Radio advertising campaign now underway.

We will not overcome our challenges tonight but we will celebrate another year of Excellence in Engineering. I will say no more as this is a not a night for speeches but for celebration - at our Annual Ball in the company of our family friends and colleagues many of whom we only meet here annually and long may those friendships remain.

My thanks to the staff of Engineers Ireland for the tremendous organisation that went into this event especially Shirley McDonald. Debbie O'Sullivan and Roseanne O'Leary and of course for Domhnall Blair’s advice and support and to the Burlington as our venue once again.

Finally I strongly urge your active support for two particular events during 2012 – Engineers Week at the end of February when we showcase the importance of Engineering, Science, Technology and Maths. You might bear in mind that according to the IDA last week that almost half (47%) of all foreign direct investment jobs last year were in Engineering Technology which is Computing and Science. Secondly I want to highlight our Annual Conference in Belfast at the end of April during the Titanic Centenary celebrations. We hope as many of you as possible will travel to be with our Northern Region colleagues to share in the new beginnings that is the modern Northern Ireland.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and an even happier night ahead.

Thank You and have a great night. Gura Maith aghaibh.

PJ Rudden

13th January 2012

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